"ARO" is well equipped to handle your fly-fishing adventure in Patagonia, has 4WD Toyota double cabin truck with mud terrain tires, perfectly fit for the transportation of both anglers and boats to the selected fishing spots. We also have boats, very appropriate for lake and river navigation. 14' Cataraft equipped with a brand new powerful outboard fully equipped with fishing frame, specially build for a safe and comfortable fishing day. Each guide has a personal assistant to move the truck during the day and get the boat ready for fishing in the morning.

Recommended Fishing Tackle

The gear and tackle we use in Aysen-Patagonia is probably similar to what you would use for trout backcountry fly-fishing. A 6-weight rod is the most practical for all around Aysen region, however the ideal rod setup is; #3 & #6 weight fly rod for small and medium size dry flies creeks, rivers and lakes respectively. Optional #7 & #10 weight fly rod if you would like to try for streamers lake trout fishing and King Salmon fishing respectively.

Fly Lines

Fly lines inventory should include new weight forward floating lines (wind-cutter) and sinking tip lines in the 150- 250 grains range. Leader stock should include 01X to 4X, from 7 to 9 feet for trout, with tippets in the same sizes. Some occasions demands Fluorocarbon leaders and tippets for large selective trout.

Flies List

Remember that some specific flies are included in the package.
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Good rain clothing for this area is essential. In summer days is normal some light shower. The usual is warm thermal underwear, highly recommended Gore-Tex waders and Jacket, warm windproof fleece coat for the afternoon. The sun can be pretty intense because the thin Ozono layer, so bring along a good sun block screen SPF 30+. If you like wading sandals or neoprene socks for wet wading while we enjoy a drift boat day. Also, sun proof shirt and pants. Insect repellent in case is necessary, polarized sunglasses, and a hat. Don't forget your camera Life jackets are provided by "ARO".


Please, bring brand new wading shoes to avoid water infectious disease. We'll so thankful if you consider this advice!!

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