The Fishing

Rainbow and brown trout were introduced into the Patagonian region of Chile during the early 19th century from North America and Europe respectively. The Chilean Patagonia is a place where hundreds of glacial lakes are connected by thousands of miles of pristine rivers, all flowing through the dramatic Andean Mountain range, followed by the small amount of predators, the large insect population in the water as well as the cold clear rivers and lakes has produced amazing trout population for fly-fishing.

Rivers, streams and lakes in the Aysen region have excellent summer dry-fly opportunities. Mayfly, caddies and tiny stoneflies hatches provide exciting challenges in mornings and evenings, especially floating on the Simpson River. Terrestrials are so prolific, beetles and grasshopper's species provide food for trout all summer long.

That's why most of the fishing we offer is hopper-dropper style, with foam rubber-legged terrestrials imitation followed by small-nymph droppers. When we fish from boats you will be able to spot large and powerful browns and rainbows or stop to wade-fish long gravel runs, riffles or pools on clear waters.
We start our season October's second Friday (spring) through May's first Sunday (fall). Summer months are January, February and March.


A pro team of local fishing guides with at least ten years guiding are considered to be the best in the region. They are the principal part of "ARO" and we are very proud of the service they provide. All the guides are excellent teachers, bi-lingual, energetic, and expert oarsmen with friendly personality. Apart from their extensive fishing skills, guides also pride themselves on knowledge of local flora, fauna, culture, and history. A good fishing guide can be the difference between a decent trip and the trip of a lifetime. Our goal is take you with an experienced guide who will do everything to ensure you have a memorable experience in Patagonia.

The Fly-Fishing Program

Our focus is to show you a variety of fishing places regarding to make your fishing week so enjoyable. Along the week you will see different sceneries as the "Pampas Esteparicas" the South America extensive grassland border with Argentina, be involve by the magnificent Andes Mountain floating rivers valley in course to the Pacific Ocean and feel part of the recent colonization on remotes places. Our ride timing, fishing and staying close to Coyhaique town goes around an hour or two maximum driving away from the lodge.

Fishing techniques include dry fly, hopper-dropper, streamers, and nymphs. We try to fish dries at all times when the conditions are right and the fish are feeding; however, it is necessary to go under the surface at times. Fishing programs start on your schedule, which is normally planned at 8:00 to 8:30 am departure after a plentiful breakfast and a meeting with your guide. Though the activities of fishing, every day are programmed according to the guest's preferences.

If you would like to get a tentative fishing program in more detail contact us

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